Recent Publications

(2018). The Materiality of Ideology: Cultural Consumption and Political Thought after the American Revolution. Conditionally accepted at the American Journal of Sociology.

(2018). Neural precursors of future liking and affective reciprocity. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.


(2018). The (Protestant) Bible, the (printed) sermon, and the word (s): The semantic structure of the Conformist and Dissenting Bible, 1660–1780. Poetics.


(2015). Bringing Anomie Back In: Exceptional Events and Excess Suicide. Sociological Science.


Recent & Upcoming Talks

Mark Anthony Hoffman (2018). “The Materiality of Ideology.” Summer Conference on Economy and Society, EUI, Florence, Italy.

Mark Anthony Hoffman, Noam Zerubavel, Adam D. Reich, and Peter Bearman (2018). “The Neural Foundations of Social Relations.” American Sociological Association, Montreal.

Teaching Materials

I teach Social Network Analysis with Peter Bearman. Some of the materials from our course, along with tutorials for doing social network analysis in R, can be found here: